The Music of Radio Summer Camp: Day 3 Cont…

Aushua handbill

Here are more samples of music that will happen during Radio Summer Camp this Friday, August 21st.

AushuaSister Saves

Middle Distance Runner
Monochrome Boys

Gospel Gossip

Brief Candles
So Long


The Music of Radio Summer Camp: Day 3

RAA Handbill
Here is a taste of all the bands playing the Muzzle of Bees Cactus Club stage this Friday, August 21st.

Rural Alberta Advantage –  The Dethbridge in Lethbridge

Catfish HavenValerie

Frontier Folk Nebraska
Rummage Sale

Common Loon
Dinosaur Vs. Early Man

The Symposium

Sunday, August 23rd: 10:30am – 2:30pm – Todd Wehr Conference Center (1047 N Broadway)

The Radio Summer Camp event that we are perhaps most proud of is the Symposium, where we gather insiders from various aspects of the music business and ask them to speak to aspiring musicians about how to best position themselves for success.

This year’s Symposium features a key note speech from Gary Witt and Matt Beringer of The Pabst/Riverside/Turner Hall Ballroom organization. They and their staff have done a great deal to transform Milwaukee into a musical must-stop for touring artists and have given a number of local bands the opportunity to play their venues, boosting visibility for Milwaukee’s music community.

The rest of the day will feature a free lunch and two different panels of industry insiders. The full schedule looks like this:

10:30 – Symposium opens: Meet and Greet
11:00 – Key Note Address
11:45 – Free lunch
12:45 – Panel One: Making, Producing and Booking Your Music
1:20 – Panel Two: Promoting and Selling Your Music
2:00 – Panel Ends, Mix and Mingle Session
2:30 – Symposium Ends

If you are a musician, are in a band or have children or friends who aspire to play music as more than a hobby, we strongly encourage attending the Radio Summer Camp Musician’s Symposium. We had great response after the 2008 symposium, and are confident this year will again provide great value to up and coming artists.

The Music of Radio Summer Camp: Day 2

Today we feature the music of the Official Radio Summer Camp Kick-Off show happening at Turner Hall Ballroom on Thursday, August 20th.

The show is headlined by, and an homage to, Sometime Sweet Susan – reunited just for this RSC special show – and the Milwaukee musicians that helped pave the way for the current crop of Milwaukee rockers. The Dim Suns – 3/4 comprised of former members of Compound Red – are another group of local artists deserving of this city’s appreciation for what the guys did to boost our musical environment and visibility.

The Trusty Knife and Juniper Tar are two current Milwaukee staples on different ends of the rock and roll spectrum. Whereas opener Trusty Knife sports a straight-forward, guitar-driven, 60’s rock sound, Juniper Tar follows a folkier rock sound that varies dynamically from song to song and often incorporates three-part harmonies.

Listen for yourself:

Sometime Sweet Susan

Juniper TarShe’s Inside Glass

The Trusty KnifeGoliath & Sons

The Music of Radio Summer Camp: Day 1

A music festival is, naturally, about the music. It’ s about other things, too (community, education, food, etc), but the music is front and center where it should be. So this week and next stay tuned here for the music of Radio Summer Camp. We’ll posting 2 – 5 MP3s each day to give you a better idea what to expect. Today are two tracks from the two artists playing the RSC Warm-Up show on August 19th at Shank Hall.

Jason Isbell & the 400 UnitStreelights

Strand of OaksEnd in Flames