FOOD SLAM 2010: Win yourself a good grooming

I’d like to begin today’s post by cursing Food Slam blog writer Erin Harris, for teasing me with that photo of McBobs’ delicious reuben sandwich. Nevermind that the sandwich is a million times more delicious than what I had for lunch. I’m also fairly certain the photo of the sandwich is more delicious, too.

On to business, though. Specifically: the business of looking (and feeling) good. Food Slam will make your belly feel good. And full. But if you eat like I do, you’ll walk away with a tiny gut, food in your hair, and countless other blemishes due to never really learning how to eat like a gentleman. Luckily, the auction offers a few items for you to bid on… items that will help turn Goofus’s like me into Gallants you can take home to mother:

1. Our pals at The Establishment know the value of a good grooming. Which is why they’ve generously donated three very important grooming elements to the Food Slam this year, courtesy of their dynamic duo Molly & Annie. Molly will be offering a haircut and pure focus facial, and Annie will be offering a Brazilian wax. Plus, you’ll get to hang at The Establishment, which always feels like a party. A party where you walk out prettier.

+ + + + + + + + +

2. If you’re one of those girls (or guys) who feels a little naked without make-up on, you’ll want to aim your bidding money at Blush Beauty Inc.‘s generously donated make-up party… for you and three friends! Immediately, I imagined Gene Simmons bidding on this, because he understands the value of both the dollar, and a good make-up job. Plus, he has three friends who share his affinity for the painted face. But then I snapped back to reality, and envisioned my wife bidding, winning, and turning it into a Girlinas Day Out. Perhaps you should choose your four early, attend Food Slam together, and work together to dominate the bidding sheet!

+ + + + + + + + +

3. At this point, you’ve won a day of grooming at The Establishment, and a make-up party for you and three of your finest amigos. What on Earth could possibly top all that? How about a one-hour massage from some folks who know the spine better than the guy who invented it! (Note: I’m very aware the spine wasn’t invented.) Nowak & Lewis, who are big supporters of the South Shore Farmer’s Market, have graciously donated an hour of their time (and hands) to set you straight, literally. Of course you’ll have to drop your three friends and their fantastic make-up jobs off somewhere while you experience 60 minutes of sheer, vertebrae-aligning bliss, but it’ll be worth it.

+ + + + + + + + +

4. Of course, no conversation about grooming oneself back to decency would be complete without a trip to the gym. Or 365 trips to the gym, which is what the well-toned folks at Anytime Fitness have offered up for our silent auction. Place the winning bid, and you’ll own a year-long membership to one of their Milwaukee-area facilities. Which means you’ll need to buy some “welcome back” cards for your abs.

Sound good? It does to me. We’ll be back tomorrow with even MORE items you’ll be able to bid on in our auction. And keep an eye on the Food Slam blog to see which area eatery Erin features next!


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