The Music of Radio Summer Camp: Day 2

Today we feature the music of the Official Radio Summer Camp Kick-Off show happening at Turner Hall Ballroom on Thursday, August 20th.

The show is headlined by, and an homage to, Sometime Sweet Susan – reunited just for this RSC special show – and the Milwaukee musicians that helped pave the way for the current crop of Milwaukee rockers. The Dim Suns – 3/4 comprised of former members of Compound Red – are another group of local artists deserving of this city’s appreciation for what the guys did to boost our musical environment and visibility.

The Trusty Knife and Juniper Tar are two current Milwaukee staples on different ends of the rock and roll spectrum. Whereas opener Trusty Knife sports a straight-forward, guitar-driven, 60’s rock sound, Juniper Tar follows a folkier rock sound that varies dynamically from song to song and often incorporates three-part harmonies.

Listen for yourself:

Sometime Sweet Susan

Juniper TarShe’s Inside Glass

The Trusty KnifeGoliath & Sons


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