Rockabilly Wrap-Up

It’s been a few weeks since our 8th Annual Rockabilly Chili Contest, an event that raised almost $40,000 for our the station. If you were one of the seemingly few people who couldn’t make it, check out the video below produced by the guys from High Frequency Media (who, by the way, you should hire. they really do wonderful work…and a lot of different types of video work). If you were at the event, here’s your chance to relive the glory and be reminded just what you but in your belly that day. Enjoy!


AV Radio: March 3rd, 2010

If you missed today’s airing of AV Radio, here it is. AV Radio airs every Thursday at 2:55pm.

Today’s topic was primarily the Avett Brothers + Low Anthem Riverside Theater show this Saturday. Included was a snippet from Steve’s phone interview with Low Anthem’s Ben Knox Miller talking about a “cell-phone chorus”.

Download: AV Radio: March 3rd, 2010

In 60 Seconds: Batman Chili Promo II

We hope you enjoy hearing promos as much as we enjoy making them. In 60 Seconds is our way of sharing some of these promos with you outside of our broadcast. It’s also a way to celebrate the work of our brilliant production people. Jeremy, Don, Matt, Joe and TC do amazing work. When writing a promo, it’s wonderful knowing these guys will be the ones producing.

This is also one more way to audibly show support for what the artistic community is producing. We support organizations and events because we firmly believe they are crucial to Milwaukee’s creative identity. If you attend even one event because you heard the promo here, mission accomplished. Some of the promos might be past the performance date, but it’s good to keep momentum going even after events.

This week’s In 60 Seconds: The second of three Batman-themed Rockabilly Chili Contest Promos. Enjoy!

Rockabilly Chili Contest: Batman Part II