The Symposium

Sunday, August 23rd: 10:30am – 2:30pm – Todd Wehr Conference Center (1047 N Broadway)

The Radio Summer Camp event that we are perhaps most proud of is the Symposium, where we gather insiders from various aspects of the music business and ask them to speak to aspiring musicians about how to best position themselves for success.

This year’s Symposium features a key note speech from Gary Witt and Matt Beringer of The Pabst/Riverside/Turner Hall Ballroom organization. They and their staff have done a great deal to transform Milwaukee into a musical must-stop for touring artists and have given a number of local bands the opportunity to play their venues, boosting visibility for Milwaukee’s music community.

The rest of the day will feature a free lunch and two different panels of industry insiders. The full schedule looks like this:

10:30 – Symposium opens: Meet and Greet
11:00 – Key Note Address
11:45 – Free lunch
12:45 – Panel One: Making, Producing and Booking Your Music
1:20 – Panel Two: Promoting and Selling Your Music
2:00 – Panel Ends, Mix and Mingle Session
2:30 – Symposium Ends

If you are a musician, are in a band or have children or friends who aspire to play music as more than a hobby, we strongly encourage attending the Radio Summer Camp Musician’s Symposium. We had great response after the 2008 symposium, and are confident this year will again provide great value to up and coming artists.


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