Girls to the Front Festival this weekend!

During yesterday’s Girlina Show (every Thursday, Noon – 3PM), DJ Dori Zori sat down and talked with Lauryl and Evelyn from the Girls to the Front Festival, “a three day party dedicated to the legacy and persevering spirit of the riot grrrl movement!” As proud sponsors of this event, we here at WMSE highly encourage you to attend. The entire three day event is family friendly, filled with workshops and shows and, well, check out the complete event calendar here.

(Make special note of Sunday’s Community Potluck & Sunday Morning Dance Party at Cream City Collective. Breakfast hasn’t sounded so fun since the epic Saturday Morning cartoons runs of the ’80s!)

And in case you missed it, we’re offering up the entire interview segment as a downloadable MP3:

download: Girls to the Front MKE – Girlina Show interview MP3

Come back Monday and let us know what you attended, how it was, and how much fun you had!


Backyard BBQ Schedule

We’ve already told you about the amazing Backyard BBQ line-up, but here’s the schedule of bands playing our free event at Cathedral Square Park on Sunday, July 18th.

The Ragadors – We’re just going to kick right into gear with the high energy blues rock of one of Milwaukee’s most exciting young bands.

The Jonathan Burks Band – Speaking of exciting, Gin-soaked and rowdy, Jon Burks will transport you into a smoke-filled, 1970’s honky tonk. Something to behold, really.

Eric Lindell – Swampy, New Orleans infused blues and R & B with a little bit of country twang, Linell will keep you dancing through the afternoon.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops – We probably can’t say in any better than the Drops say themselves:  “Tradition is a guide, not a jailer. We play in an older tradition but we are modern musicians.” We are really fortunate to have CCD at the BBQ. REALLY fortunate.

.357 String Band – “Streetgrass” is their self-described style of music. When you hear it, and maybe more poignant when you see it, you will know exactly why.

Southern Culture on the Skids – The headliners of the 2nd Annual Backyard BBQ, it’s almost as if this event was made for them. Country fried country rock and roll with the grit of a city, or as they say – “Countrypolitan”, SCOTS close out this quintessentially American event.

So that’s the music, but stay tuned for the food and another awesome surprise! Hint: Vroom!

AV Radio: March 3rd, 2010

If you missed today’s airing of AV Radio, here it is. AV Radio airs every Thursday at 2:55pm.

Today’s topic was primarily the Avett Brothers + Low Anthem Riverside Theater show this Saturday. Included was a snippet from Steve’s phone interview with Low Anthem’s Ben Knox Miller talking about a “cell-phone chorus”.

Download: AV Radio: March 3rd, 2010

In 60 Seconds: Batman Chili Promo II

We hope you enjoy hearing promos as much as we enjoy making them. In 60 Seconds is our way of sharing some of these promos with you outside of our broadcast. It’s also a way to celebrate the work of our brilliant production people. Jeremy, Don, Matt, Joe and TC do amazing work. When writing a promo, it’s wonderful knowing these guys will be the ones producing.

This is also one more way to audibly show support for what the artistic community is producing. We support organizations and events because we firmly believe they are crucial to Milwaukee’s creative identity. If you attend even one event because you heard the promo here, mission accomplished. Some of the promos might be past the performance date, but it’s good to keep momentum going even after events.

This week’s In 60 Seconds: The second of three Batman-themed Rockabilly Chili Contest Promos. Enjoy!

Rockabilly Chili Contest: Batman Part II

The Rockabilly Round-Up

We like to believe that without WMSE, Milwaukee would not be as good a place to live and exist. We also recognize, though, that without the loving and supportive Milwaukee community, WMSE would not be have been able to grow into the music and community institution we have become. A huge amount of that community support comes from you, the listener/reader/follower. Another large portion comes from amazing local businesses that help support our many endeavors.

Quite literally, the Rockabilly Chili Contest would not have grown to where it’s at today (we’re expecting 2500 people on March 7th) without the support of all 47 restaurants participating in the event. We absolutely cherish this kind of city-wide support. But on top of this, in addition to spending days preparing chili, devoting staff and financial resourced to help raise funds for us here at WMSE, a handful of the participating restaurants are participating in the Rockabilly Round-Up.

Make sure to visit one or all of these great restaurants from March 1-8 because they’ll not only be featuring chili on their menu, they’ll be generously donating a portion of the proceeds from each bowl sold back to WMSE. And when you order chili at one of these fine establishments, make sure to tell them thanks for supporting true community-powered independent radio!

Brewed Café (veggie chili)

Durango BBQ & Grill (meat chili)

G-Daddy’s BBC (meat chili)

Hector’s On Delaware (meat chili)

McBob’s Pub and Grill [2009 Champion] (meat chili)

The National (veggie chili)

Palomino (veggie chili)

Riverfront Pizzeria Bar & Grill (veggie & meat chili)

Riverwest Co-Op [2009 Champions] (veggie chili)

Roots Restaurant and Cellar (veggie & meat chili)

Interview: Buckwheat Zydeco

The final of our three interviews with Louisiana legends, just an amazing interview Tom did with Buckwheat Zydeco.

Buckwheat Zydeco Interview

Previous Louisiana Legends interviews:

Dr. John
Allen Toussaint

Interview: Allen Toussaint

The 2nd of our three interviews with Louisiana legends, here is Paul Cebar interviewing Allen Toussaint.

Allen Toussaint Interview