Food Slam 2010: Concert venue auction items for the win, Alex.

Unicorns. Flying shoes. Money trees. All things that are universally understood as “too good to be true.” They’re also universally understood as “things that never existed in the first place, and probably never WILL exist.” Most too-good-to-be-true things are.

Most things.

This year’s Food Slam silent auction features three items that seem way too good to be true. But they’re real. As real as rainbows and peat moss and Starsky & Hutch remakes. And they’re from three of Milwaukee’s most well-known concert venues. Prepare to have your precious minds blown, Milwaukee:

Riverwest’s funky classic, Mad Planet, has always been generous when it comes to Food Slam’s silent auction. But this year, they out-generoused themselves. Instead of donating one (1) year-long pass to attend any and every event Mad Planet throws, they’ve donated two (2). That means you and a friend/lover/police escort could potentially go to every single show there, together! We’re talking local bands, nationally touring acts, and even The Get Down!

+ + + + + + + + +

2. $100 x 4 = THANK THE RAVE
We don’t have a Math degree, but we’re pretty sure that four (4) $100 gift cards is pretty awesome. And according to our abacus, $100 x 4 = $400! That means, thanks to The Rave, you have a chance to buy $400 worth of concert tickets to the seemingly endless stream of shows happening at this legendary Milwaukee venue, without spending a single dime. Why do I get the feeling that this item’s going to have a serious bidding war around it?

+ + + + + + + + +

It’s not enough that the Pabst Theater Foundation raised the bar for concert-going experiences in Milwaukee on Earth. Now they want to redefine dinner parties for you. Want the details? Well, I’m just going to go ahead and paste the copy they sent us describing their donated Food Slam auction item, because I’m getting a little light-headed from the awesomeness:


Here’s a unique venue for a dinner party. Chef to the Stars Kevin Sloan will cater a dinner for four guests BACKSTAGE  in the Dining Room at the Riverside Theater. It usually requires a back- stage pass to experience this chef’s cuisine. The former restaurant owner who also worked at Sanford and Lake Park Bistro has created four-star meals for dozens of entertainers from The National to Neil Young. Mix and mingle with staff from WMSE and the Pabst Theater for an evening to remember.

You will win dinner for four people (4), and will be joined by staff from WMSE and the Pabst.

Sweet Mother Hubbard! You best believe if money trees weren’t too good to be true, I’d pick enough fiscal fruit to win all three of these items. Of course, I’d probably have to quit my day job so I could actually attend all the concerts I could get into for free. Then again, I’d also hypothetically have a money tree at this point, so let’s just say “job, schmob” and be done with it.


Milwaukee Film Fest – Rock Docs

We’re super excited for the upcoming Milwaukee Film Fest. We’re doubly excited to be help presenting a couple different film series. The 1st:

Lemmy Tell You About Music, Man: Music Documentaries about Senor Kilmister, David Byrne & Other Great Music Makers

Like we said, we are absolutely thrilled to help present this series of fantastic music documentaries. The six films in the Lemmy Tell You About Music, Man series pretty well reflect our programming philosophy, meaning as a whole, the series features everything from Metal to Gospel. We’ll be telling you about all the films individually, but since we named the series after the dude – the metal god-devil – here’s a little bit about Lemmy.

Lemmy – A film that needs no subtitle. There’s Lemmy, and there’s everyone else. He’s about a singular musical figure as singular musical figures get.

A documentary as distinctive and uncompromising as the grizzled subject it details, Lemmy casts new light into the life and works of one of the longest and hardest-rocking lead singers in the history of heavy metal: Motörhead’s iconic Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister. The biggest names in rock and roll (Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Henry Rollins) all contribute to this definitive portrait of a rock god. Wired says, He looks like a biker, swears like a sailor and lives the only way he knows how: like a rock ‘n’ roll machine.

We’re right now planning and scheduling an interview with the directors of this film when the get into town. Let’s just say that if their film has even half the personality of its directors, or 1/8th the personality of the film’s subject, this is a film that you will never, ever forget. It will live and breathe in that space in the brain reserved for raunch and debauchery…the part of the brain that leads you to not follow stupid rules.

Seriously, you are going to love this film. An no, you don’t have to be a metal fan to dig into Lemmy. Just as last year you didn’t have to be a metal junkie to thoroughly enjoy Anvil: The Story of Anvil, this film, and the films protagonist, are perfect for the big screen.

Ridge Cinema 2: Friday, October 1st – 7:15pm
Oriental Theater: Saturday, October 2nd – 7:30pm

Two weeks for tickets!

We’re a mere few weeks away from our 9th Annual Food Slam event, and if you’re still on the fence about attending (we do have a few tickets left), allow me to woo you a bit with this bullet-pointed list. Because everyone loves bullet-pointed lists. Except numbers. They want you to love numbered lists.

  • Food Slam is essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet for folks who don’t want the caloric burden of full-plate chow sessions. Each restaurant brings a small, tapas-sized portion for you to sample. Which means you could potentially sample it multiple times before it equals one full trip to a normal buffet.
  • Have you ever been been in a conversation where people are talking about a hot new Milwaukee restaurant, but you’ve never been there so you feel like a clueless schmuck? Attending Food Slam will not only allow you to become familiar with some hot new (and old) Milwaukee restaurants, it will also give you a specific dish to talk about. Who’s the embarrassed schmuck now, other-people-in-the-conversation?
  • Your entire $30 ticket is a tax write-off. Nothing appeals to recession-era American more.
  • Your entire $30 ticket supports 91.7 FM WMSE. Bonus!
  • There’s a rather hefty auction of items from area businesses and artist: art, music, gift cards, apparel, and cleverly assembled theme packs that tend to draw some serious bidding wars. Who doesn’t love a good bidding war?
  • Did we mention that, if you win an auction item, that counts as a donation to us also? Double-play!
  • When was the last time you got to eat and drink in an art museum?
  • We have the best DJs on the airwaves, and three of them will be soundtracking the evening. Bootleggers are welcome.
  • The event ends early. Which means you can come to Food Slam, eat a bunch of really great things, have a few drinks, win a few cool auction items, and still have an entire Friday night out ahead of you. Because everyone knows the nightlife here in Milwaukee doesn’t really get started until around 10 PM.

Seeing as how my highly-convincing list has you jonesing for a Food Slam ticket, I give you the online link (click here) to purchase one (or ten). You can also get them by mail or in person. (See here.) And while we do usually have tickets available at the door the night of the event, we’re not sure they’ll last that long. Better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow, I’ll start digging in to some of the restaurants who will be serving up plates of awesome at Food Slam, as well as some of the auction items we’ll be featuring. Check back, mis amigos!