The Full Symposium Schedule

We’ve told you about the general idea of the Symposium. We’ve introduced the key-note speaker and a couple of the session experts. Now let’s get straight to the whole day, all the topics and presenters. And don’t forget to pre-register and answer the question, “What do you hope to learn from the symposium?”

Coffee, Bagels and Donuts – 9:30am

First Session Topics 10:20am to 11:10am
1. Getting Gigs. Learn the process bookers use to select bands. Learn what they’re looking for in a performer and the best methods for approaching venues for potential gigs.

Expert Panel:
Marc Solheim, Booking Agent; Turner Hall, Pabst Theater and Riverside Theater
Scott Ziel: Owner, Pursuit Live agency and Booking Agent; Summerfest

Moderated by: Ryan Schleicher, Promotions Director; WMSE

2. Basement Tapes. What does it take to record a good demo? How do you build the best basement studio for the least amount of money? What do you need to do Before you get to the professional studio? What happens during the recording process?

Expert Panel:
Billy Ciccarelli, Recording Engineer; WMSE

Moderated by: Dan Niedziejko, Drummer and home studio builder

3. I’m Sick! Musicians face special challenges in navigating the maze that is Health Care Policy. Learn about programs available to help musicians gain health care insurance, emergency health care and other low cost health care choices available.

Expert Panel:
Alex Maiolo, founder; Health Insurance Navigation Tool (via SKYPE)

Moderated by: Cody Christenson

Second Session Topics 11:20am to 12:10pm
1. Building Community Resources. Milwaukee Artists Resource Network is active in the arts community. MARN works to assist and advocate for all artists, providing FREE business of music classes, arts advocacy and an opportunities bulletin board. Learn more about how MARN can help you build your network and resources in Milwaukee.

Expert Panel:
Melissa Musante, Executive Director, Milwaukee Artists Resource Network

Moderated by: Tuc Kreuger

2. Equipment 101: It’s one thing to own your Les Paul; it’s totally another to keep it in good repair. Your vintage Marshall stack may sound great today, but is it going to sound great tomorrow? Learn some basic skills you can do to prevent expensive repairs and unnecessary damage to your gear.

Expert Panel:
Jeff Benske, Owner; Top Shelf Guitars and multi-vendor authorized repair expert
Jon Blick, Owner; Blick Engineering

Moderated by: Dan Niedziejko, Drummer and drum restorations

3. Sympathy for the Devil Record labels: What do they really do and can they do it for you. Learn more about the real function of a label and the pros and cons about signing to one.

Expert Panel:
Bruno Johnson, Owner; Okka Disk

Moderated by: Tom Crawford, Station Manager, WMSE

LUNCH BREAK: 12:20pm to 1:30pm

1:30pm to 1:40pm Information on Pablove. The mission of The Pablove Foundation is to fund pediatric cancer research and advances in treatment, educate and empower cancer families, and improve the quality of life for children living with cancer through hospital play, music and arts programs. This foundation was founded by Milwaukee native and Dangerbird Records founder Jeff Castelez.

Third Session Topics 1:45pm to 2:35pm
1. This is Where I Belong Find out how to make a passion for music into a lifelong career. From playing in a touring band to teaching music to others, learn about how to live your life in  music.

Expert Panel:
Scott Schoenbeck, bass player Dashboard Confessional
Erica Breitbarth, Choir teacher at Reagan High School, winner; Wheaton Conservatory of Music Concerto Competition and freelance Conductor/Director/Singer

Moderated by: TBA

2. Press Darlings! Being a professional musician means more than just writing catchy pop tunes. Learn about developing your band’s style, image and presentation. Also, developing your web presence, using social media and how to get the media to notice you.

Expert Panel:
Fred Gillich, Owner & Designer; Too Much Metal For One Hand
Ryan Matteson, Muzzle of Bees Blog & Podcast, and Director of Public Relations on Social Media for Pabst/Riverside/Turner Hall Ballroom

Moderated by: Ryan Schleicher, Promotions Director; WMSE

3. Jazzbos and Classical Hep Cats Jazz, that singularly American art form, is alive and well. The same is true for classical music int he modern world. Be a part of this discussion about current trends in Jazz and classical music. Also, discuss opportunities and resources in the Jazz community.

Expert Panel:
Steve Peplin, Musician, Composer and Teacher
Scott Tisdel, Musician, Milwakee Symphony Orchestra & Prometheus Trio

Moderated by: Chris Stawski, DJ “Dr. Sushi”; host of WMSE’s Free Jazz Barbeque

Fourth Session Topics 2:45pm to 3:35pm
1. Contracts, Band Agreements and the Legal Stuff There comes a time in the life of a band or musician that legal questions bubble up to the top. What percentage of songwriting credit does the drummer get? How can I tell if that contract is fair? What are my legal rights if someone rips off our songs. Learn all this and more.

Expert Panel:
CJ Krawczyk. Attorney at Law; Kravit, Hovel & Krawczyk s.c.

Moderated by: Jeff Schwartz

2. Selling Out As the world becomes smaller through technology and media outlets merge and converge, new outlets and opportunities for getting your music into the ears of listeners. Learn how to license your music for television programs, commercials, fashion shows, movies and more.

Expert Panel:
Darren Wilsey, Musician and Author; The Musicians Guide to Licensing Music
(via SKYPE) —  NOTE: Limited copies of Darren’s book will be available for sale at the check in desk and is always in stock at Boswell’s Books on N. Downer St.

Moderated by: Ryan Schleicher, Promotions Director WMSE

3. On the Road Again Going on tour requires more than jumping in the van. Whether you’re playing Budokon or CBGB’s; learn how to plan and execute a successful road tour without killing the bass player, crashing the van, losing money, getting sick and breaking up the band.

Expert Panel:
Pete Jest, Owner, Alternative Concert Group and Shank Hall
Jon Mueller, Owner Crouton Music and Musician, Collection of Colonies of Bees

Moderated by: Tom Crawford, Station Manager; WMSE


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