The Symposium – Health Insurance for Musicians

Photo of Punk Rock Orchestra by Jeffrey Goldsmith © 2005.

On Saturday at The Symposium, we’ll have twelve different breakout sessions centered around topics important to any musician looking to make a career out of music. One of those topics is:

I’m Sick! Musicians face special challenges in navigating the maze that is Health Care Policy.  Learn about programs available to help musicians gain health care insurance, emergency health care and other low cost health care choices available.

Nationwide, one of the organizations doing the most to help musicians with health insurance is the Health Insurance Navigation Tool, or HINT. Founded by the Future of Music Coalition with Alex Maiolo and Chris Stephenson, “HINT provides informed, musician-friendly support and advice to musicians who need information about health insurance, for free.”

HINT doesn’t provide health insurance, but they are a resource offering advice from musicians, to musicians, regarding health care options. Here’s what they have to say:

Make an appointment to get personal advice from health insurance experts who are also musicians. We see this project as a safety net for those musicians who remain uninsured because of lack of support or clear information. Those musicians who reach out for help will get it. With this small step we hope to bridge the gap between confusion and need.”

Leading this breakout session on Saturday will be none other than HINT founder, Alex Maiolo. We’ll be using SKYPE to remotely connect with Alex, so hopefully we don’t have any tech glitches. Hopefully Mr. Maiolo will be able to ease some of our musicianly anxiety about that tough decision revolving around getting out in the world or staying in town at our whatever job just so we don’t lose health insurance. This is a huge barrier for a lot of bands, especially bands that have families and children to raise. Health insurance should not be what keeps musicians from chasing their dreams. Hopefully with HINT’s advice, we’ll all learn that health insurance can’t keep us from our goals, or happiness.


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