The Symposium – Victor DeLorenzo

The Radio Summer Camp Symposium is right around the corner, so make sure you pre-register and help us understand what information you would find valuable.

Today we’re honored to tell you a little bit more about the Symposium’s Key-Note Speaker, Victor DeLorenzo. On top of being the drummer for one of the most famous bands ever, and certainly the biggest to ever come out of Milwaukee, Mr. DeLorenzo is an accomplished educator in the music field. Rather than us just telling you about Victor and why his knowledge should be disseminated widely, we’ll let another music educator tell you why. That educator is Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum (also an accomplished musician in his own right), Senior Lecturer at the Peck School of the Arts music department. Here’s what Rosenblum had to say about DeLorenzo.

“Victor DeLorenzo has lectured in my History of Rock and Roll classes at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts, Music Department; the class is in the area of Music History and Literature, and enrolls well over five hundred students a semester.

Mr. DeLorenzo spoke on the history of oral tradition music and how it impacts upon popular culture, and the students not only learned but were witness to a rare breed of presenter – one who has, indeed, impacted upon music as well as culture and who is articulate about both.

It is very unusual to be able to be an artist, especially one who has altered the nature of both music as art as well as its cultural presence, and also to be capable of lecturing on these subjects as a historian.

Victor DeLorenzo is a prominent figure and as such carries immense authority, true, but is also able to articulate within the context of a college course that which is pedagogically intact. It is not hard to be an inspiration, given DeLorenzo’s credentials, but it is difficult to be instructive, informative and decidedly linear as well, as is Mr. DeLorenzo. Teaching at the college level is something that Victor DeLorenzo accomplishes with ease and perfection.

His ability to relate important content is unsurpassed and the form he chooses, that of immanently educated narrative, replete with the drama of factual items coming to life, is awe-inspiring. He teaches with the flair of one who understands that theater, that is reaching an audience with generous entry, causing immediate comprehension, is diligent form; and that this technique is filled with the material of an educated historian is what makes Victor DeLorenzo stand out from artists as well as teachers as an accomplished lecturer.

There is seriousness, humor, proper academic deployment of fact, and an uncanny ability to communicate with precision while still keeping subject matter alive. Victor DeLorenzo lectures with the power of the important artist that he is, tempered by the educated scholar that he is as well, and the result is the perfect learning environment.

He created this environment of learning in a number of my classes, and the students, though this was a few years ago, are still discussing the classes he conducted. He absolutely reached them intellectually and emotionally, and therefore produced a memorable experience that was enduring.

Mr. DeLorenzo is a speaker: There are few who can equal his ability as a lecturer, and fewer yet who are able to instruct with such valid objectivity and originality of inspiration equally combined.”


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