RSC Club Shows – Shank Hall

This week we’ll be featuring music from all the bands playing club venues during Radio Summer Camp. Today we feature shows happening at the Battomi-Sponsored Stage at Shank Hall. Don’t forget, full festival passes are only $25, and online pre-sales end Thursday at 10:00am.

Photo by Michael Meysarosh

Friday, July 16th:

Red Baraat
– If you were fortunate enough to see Red Baraat at Global Union a while back, you know just how ridiculously entertaining and imaginative the band is. Led by drummer Sunny Jain, Red Baraat is the first and only dhol ‘n’ brass band of its kind in the States, melding the infectious North Indian rhythm Bhangra with brass funk and expressing the human spirit through improvisation and a powerful live sound.

Don’t just trust us, head on over to Red Baraat’s site and check out just one of the many YouTube videos available (just past the fold).

Watch: Various YouTube Videos

DJ Warp – By day, Brian Keigher organizes events for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, including World Music Festival, SummerDance and events at the Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park. By night he is DJ Warp, a staple DJ in Chicago, playing at various venues supporting some of the world’s top touring talent, acts like Tabla Beat Science, Baaba Maal, Bebel Gilberto, Zap Mama, Cheb Khaled, Toubab Krewe, Rachid Taha, Habib Koite, Sidestepper, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, and Art Of Noise to name a few. He can also be found producing his own events such as the long running India themed electronic club night called ‘Bombay Beatbox’ which hosts likeminded artists such as Cheb I Sabbah, DJ Rekha, Talvin Singh, Midival Punditz, and Karsh Kale.

Saturday, July 17th:

John Doe – As one of the founding members of the Los Angeles punk band X, John Doe was one of the most influential figures in American alternative rock during the early ’80s, but when he launched a solo career in the early ’90s, he decided to pursue a rootsy, country-rock direction instead of continue with punk. That’s the bio line, but we just want to say JOHN DOE! A legend we are very fortunate to have playing Radio Summer Camp. We’re humbled. Very humbled.

Listen: Broken Smile

Robbie Fulks w/ Nora O’Connor
– Robbie is one of our favorite people making some of our favorite music. If you bring up the music industry he’s a smart-ass. If you talk about music he’s an honest and thoughtful songwriter. This combination, along with masterful guitar skills, make Fulks one of the most well-round, if still overlooked and under appreciated, songwriters making music today.

Now, add the sought after Nora O’Connor to the stage with Robbie and this should be one of the best opening sets you will ever see. She’s recorded and performed with about a gazillion people, among them Andrew Bird, The New Pornographers, Jeff Tweedy, Archer Prewitt, The Aluminum Group, Janet Bean, Chris Mills, Neko Case, and soul legends Otis Clay and Mavis Staples. The voice gets you, but it’s the personality that holds you:

“Nora O’Connor was born and raised as a first-generation Irish-American on the scrappy south side of Chicago. Mugs down “dere” tend to shoot first, ask questions later–and always get the mother effing job DONE. The doe-eyed (no pun intended) Miss Nora is no exception. In addition to being one of the most versatile and sought-after singers in town–she is also a legendary bartender, a midwife’s assistant (doula) and an ordained reverend. Whether you need to be serenaded, soused, birthed, or hitched, O’Connor has the goods, and how. Nora is now the mom to two handfuls of cuteness, so she doesn’t play out much, so when she does, we recommend you get out there and see her.”

Listen, Robbie Fulks: Jean Arthur

Listen, Nora O’Connor: Bottoms


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