Official Rockabilly Chili Songs

It not enough to simply stage the Rockabilly Chili Contest and all that goes into the planning and promotion. We had to give the event an official rockabilly song AND a bonus chili track.

Just amazing stuff. Take a listen or twelve for yourself. And if you dig, pass it on to your chili-loving friends.

Rockabilly Chili – The Official Song:

Lyrics by Station Manager, Tom Crawford
Music by Chicken Shack DJ Jonny Z with help from Bobby Rivera
Guitar: Bobby Rivera
Bass:  JP Cyr
Drums: Brian Kreutziger

You Bring the Heat and I’ll Bring the Meat

Lyrics by Jonny Z
Music by Jonny Z & Bobby Rivera
Bass: JP Cyr
Drums: Brian Kreutziger


2 Responses

  1. Oh my…this is awesome! Bring on the Rockabilly Chili Contest!!

  2. Crazy, man Crazy – love that song!

    Looking forward to the RBC – always a great time, no better way to spend a Sunday in MilTown.

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